The Tallest Mountain: Mt. Mansfield and the Long Trail

Mt. Mansfield, VT: June, 2021 Continued from: The Greenest Mountains: Burlington and a Big Red Bus Not far south of Jeffersonville the Green Mountains launch upward so steeply and dwarf in ruggedness anything in the east outside of New Hampshire. As they loomed ahead, a flashing sign read ‘Route impassible for trucks’ followed about a half-mile…

The Greenest Mountains: Burlington and a Big Red Bus

Jeffersonville, VT: June, 2021 It wasn’t far after crossing the Champlain Bridge that I began to notice signs in both English and French and saw Vermont’s namesake mountains paralleling the lake shore. It could have been self-manifesting confirmation bias but the trees really did look greener, as if they permanently retained the squint-inducing electric lime…


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