Charleston Islands: February at the Beach and my Not-So Olympic Gold

Charleston, SC – February, 2018 James Island: I wasn’t used to watching the Winter Olympics accompanied by an open window and a warm breeze. In fact, I associate the games with being snowed into a college apartment during Vancouver in 2010.  Roads were impassible so several of us made our way to the beverage shop,Continue reading “Charleston Islands: February at the Beach and my Not-So Olympic Gold”

Making Peace with the Marathon: Indianapolis Monumental

Indianapolis, Indiana: November, 2017 For the first time, the course left the streets of Indiana’s capitol, and instead led us through a park near the city’s art museum.  Residential Indianapolis was temporarily replaced by glowing deciduous trees, caught in that few day interlude between peak autumn foliage and drooping, empty branches. The surroundings became aContinue reading “Making Peace with the Marathon: Indianapolis Monumental”

Moonshine Water Stop: The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

Williamson, WV: June, 2015 At one water stop late in the Hatfield McCoy Marathon I hobbled up to three middle aged folks – two women in lawn chairs and a colossus of a man with a walrus mustache standing behind the water table.  The man told me I needed to try the cups in theContinue reading “Moonshine Water Stop: The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon”