Minnesota Redux: The Run and the Flames

Ely, MN: August, 2021 Continued from Minnesota Redux: The Sunset and the Shallows The activities in far north Minnesota in the summer revolve around either woods or water, and given the temperature, we spent the afternoons with the latter. The lodge fee includes rentals on non-motorized watercraft: paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, and something called an aqua-cycle. WhenContinue reading “Minnesota Redux: The Run and the Flames”

Ascending the Indian Staircase: Red River Gorge with Lauren

Red River Gorge, KY: August, 2019 We began by walking down the Sheltowee Trace, a trans-Kentucky trail that starts just north of here and winds its way to the Tennessee border, the little cousin of the Appalachian Trail through the Appalachian state the original one forgot. It was a bumpy and shady single track andContinue reading “Ascending the Indian Staircase: Red River Gorge with Lauren”

Wilderness Something: Red River Gorge with Friends

Red River Gorge, KY: July, 2016 Danny was staring up into the branches of a tree when Lauren and I drove down the skinny lane to the cabin, listening to the familiar popping of gravel on the car’s belly. His girlfriend Veronica was on the balcony looking in the same direction, hand above her eyebrowsContinue reading “Wilderness Something: Red River Gorge with Friends”

Lanterns and Microbats: A Nighttime Tour of Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave NP, KY: August, 2018 Mammoth Cave National Park is the nearest to where I live, just edging out Cuyahoga Valley by minutes, but I had yet to visit. It is not named for the prehistoric elephantine species, but the cave’s position as the world’s largest, though the adjective itself comes from the iceContinue reading “Lanterns and Microbats: A Nighttime Tour of Mammoth Cave”

A Storm at Sea and a Snake in the Tree: A Race around Clearwater

Clearwater, FL: May, 2019 Uncle Gabe lived with his greyhound rescue, Archie, in northern St. Petersburg, toward the back of a mid-century block pleasantly shaded by gargantuan oaks.  It’s a testament to these trees that they survived the post-air conditioning sprawl that created this and other areas of its age.  The neighborhood also held ontoContinue reading “A Storm at Sea and a Snake in the Tree: A Race around Clearwater”

The Actual Southernmost Point: Then and Now on Florida’s Beaches

Key West, Fl – May, 2019 (Key West Trilogy Part 1 and Part 3 here) This one actually starts at…. Panama City Beach, June (I think) 1996 (I think): Dad spotted a conch lying on the seabed about ten feet below the surface and told me to stay where my feet could touch the sandyContinue reading “The Actual Southernmost Point: Then and Now on Florida’s Beaches”

Cortaditos in the Morning, Rum in the Afternoon: A Walk Around Key West

Key West, FL: May, 2019 (Key West Trilogy Part 2 and Part 3 here) I think we found the absolute last free parking spot on the entire island and it happened to be directly in front of the Inn on Fleming, our home for the next week. We had just finished a two-hour drive alongContinue reading “Cortaditos in the Morning, Rum in the Afternoon: A Walk Around Key West”

Moonshine Water Stop: The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

Williamson, WV: June, 2015 At one water stop late in the Hatfield McCoy Marathon I hobbled up to three middle aged folks – two women in lawn chairs and a colossus of a man with a walrus mustache standing behind the water table.  The man told me I needed to try the cups in theContinue reading “Moonshine Water Stop: The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon”