Ascending the Indian Staircase: Red River Gorge with Lauren

Red River Gorge, KY: August, 2019 We began by walking down the Sheltowee Trace, a trans-Kentucky trail that starts just north of here and winds its way to the Tennessee border, the little cousin of the Appalachian Trail through the Appalachian state the original one forgot. It was a bumpy and shady single track andContinue reading “Ascending the Indian Staircase: Red River Gorge with Lauren”

Wilderness Something: Red River Gorge with Friends

Red River Gorge, KY: July, 2016 Danny was staring up into the branches of a tree when Lauren and I drove down the skinny lane to the cabin, listening to the familiar popping of gravel on the car’s belly. His girlfriend Veronica was on the balcony looking in the same direction, hand above her eyebrowsContinue reading “Wilderness Something: Red River Gorge with Friends”