Australia Pt. 5 – James Cook University: Aussie-isms and the Poison Room

Cairns, QLD – June, 2011 Continued from: Australia Pt. 4 – The Secret Beach: Coconuts and Croc Watch Continued here: Australia Pt. 6 – Northward: Going Troppo in the Gum Trees For the second time since arriving, we had to set alarms, this time not for an adventure, but for school – an orientation and a walkContinue reading “Australia Pt. 5 – James Cook University: Aussie-isms and the Poison Room”

59,254 Steps Around Charleston

Charleston, SC: February, 2018 Charleston was so pleasant, the experience so nearly flawless that I had a hard time writing about it.  How many times could I compliment a place before risking redundancy? How can I describe misadventures when everything goes as planned?  There are only so many words for wonderful that I fear IContinue reading “59,254 Steps Around Charleston”