The World’s Best Sunset and a Bar That Doesn’t Clothes: A Farewell to Key West

Key West, FL: May, 2019 (Key West Trilogy Part 1 and Part 2 here) North Duval runs into the Historic Seaport area which is now thronged by docked cruisers and boozy tourists.  One interesting thing in this area that was worth a stop though is the original Key Lime Pie Bakery.  The outside is aContinue reading “The World’s Best Sunset and a Bar That Doesn’t Clothes: A Farewell to Key West”

59,254 Steps Around Charleston

Charleston, SC: February, 2018 Charleston was so pleasant, the experience so nearly flawless that I had a hard time writing about it.  How many times could I compliment a place before risking redundancy? How can I describe misadventures when everything goes as planned?  There are only so many words for wonderful that I fear IContinue reading “59,254 Steps Around Charleston”

Big Cats, Tiny Home: Lyons, Colorado

Lyons, Colorado: May, 2017 Thirty minutes north of Boulder is Lyons, a small town at the entrance of the Front Range, clutching the winding St. Vrain creek and surrounded by red dirt foothills.  It’s tough to really describe the town but it had a lively enough main street that appeared to straddle the typically robustContinue reading “Big Cats, Tiny Home: Lyons, Colorado”

Watching Bellevue Bloom: A Covid-Era Travelogue

Bellevue, KY: April, 2020 Is it a cruel irony or slight reprieve that we experienced the loveliest stretch of spring weather I can remember at a time when there is nowhere to go? Bellevue clutches the Ohio River’s southern bank and works its way up the hills at the edge of the basin. With tenContinue reading “Watching Bellevue Bloom: A Covid-Era Travelogue”