Right Now I’m Drinking a Cortado: Coffee, Cincinnati, and Contemplation

Cincinnati, OH – February, 2020 The medium is the visible section of frothy milk resting atop the overflow, the mode is the barista’s deliberate wrist twisting, and the finished design reminds me of a hermit crab holding the string of a heart-shaped balloon. The drink is a khaki monochrome culminating in a half-inch head, risingContinue reading “Right Now I’m Drinking a Cortado: Coffee, Cincinnati, and Contemplation”

Watching Bellevue Bloom: A Covid-Era Travelogue

Bellevue, KY: April, 2020 Is it a cruel irony or slight reprieve that we experienced the loveliest stretch of spring weather I can remember at a time when there is nowhere to go? Bellevue clutches the Ohio River’s southern bank and works its way up the hills at the edge of the basin. With tenContinue reading “Watching Bellevue Bloom: A Covid-Era Travelogue”