Lost Shoes, Gained Perspective: Two Columbus Marathon Stories

Columbus, OH: October 2014/October 2019 The morning of my first attempt at the Columbus Marathon, I woke on Derek’s couch at five AM and immediately began slinking around trying not to make much noise, a difficult ordeal in the dark even with the foresight of attaching the bib to my shirt the night prior.  ChompingContinue reading “Lost Shoes, Gained Perspective: Two Columbus Marathon Stories”

Watching Bellevue Bloom: A Covid-Era Travelogue

Bellevue, KY: April, 2020 Is it a cruel irony or slight reprieve that we experienced the loveliest stretch of spring weather I can remember at a time when there is nowhere to go? Bellevue clutches the Ohio River’s southern bank and works its way up the hills at the edge of the basin. With tenContinue reading “Watching Bellevue Bloom: A Covid-Era Travelogue”