Closing Down the Northwoods: Wolves, the Sauna, and the Northern Lights

Ely, Minnesota: September, 2016 Unable to sleep during my last night north of the birch line, I walked down to the trees along Burntside Lake sometime just after eleven. I didn’t stray far because my mind kept going to the howling wolves we’d heard earlier so I stood there, squinting without my lenses in, lookingContinue reading “Closing Down the Northwoods: Wolves, the Sauna, and the Northern Lights”

Moonshine Water Stop: The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

Williamson, WV: June, 2015 At one water stop late in the Hatfield McCoy Marathon I hobbled up to three middle aged folks – two women in lawn chairs and a colossus of a man with a walrus mustache standing behind the water table.  The man told me I needed to try the cups in theContinue reading “Moonshine Water Stop: The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon”